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ReachH is being formed with the aim of providing a proactive treatment option thru Homeopathy. Homeopathy works on the initial symptoms of the ailment based on which the treatment can commence thereby stemming the illness, whereas, Allopathy seeks to fight the body’s natural response system by attacking the symptoms of healing hence one has to wait till the symptoms fully surface.

Homeopathy, embraces the body’s natural response system by either encouraging the symptoms of healing or attacking the root cause of the illness.

Hence is the choice of Homeopathy as the preferred option.

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 + years. The holistic nature of homeopathy means each person is treated as a unique individual and their body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management and prevention of disease. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's specific symptoms and personal level of health.

It is recognised by the World Health Organisation as the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world. While it is most popular in India and South America, over thirty million people in Europe, and millions of others around the world, also benefit from its use.

Why homeopathy

Homeopathy is such a welcome change for many people because, in stimulating a person’s intrinsic self-healing properties, it not only improves the individual’s main problem, it also results in an increase in energy and improvement of other health problems that had been accepted as permanent. Because of this, homeopathy is enthusiastically embraced by those who pursue it long enough to experience these results.

Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is considered to be a very effective alternative medical therapy that is absolutely safe and natural. Unlike other medications, it does not have any side effects. It can be attributed to the fact that homeopathic treatment aims at stimulating the body'z own defecsive system, thereby enhancing the body's resistance to fight diseases. The resorvoir of homeopathy benefits is very large.


Effective for the treatment of chronic diseases of long standing.

Effectiveness of homeopathy in recurring diseases such as migraine, allergies, acne, autism, arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, psoraisis, etc.


The superiority of homeopathy is in a fact that the relief offered by it in the treatment of chronic diseases is quite lasting for many months or years. This lasting relief is achieved because homeopathy treats the root of the diseases. The approach in homeopathy is such that it addresses the patient's physical, disease, emotional, emotional and genetic totality.


Homeopathy is essentially a safe system of medicine, free from any adverse effects if used correctly. The format of the medicine is such that the medicines are devoid of any toxic substance, hence absolutely harmless. Homeopathy is safe for newborn babies, pregnant women, and elderly patients as well as for those patients who have delicate health.


Is Homeopathy a proved science?

Yes, Homeopathy is a science based on logic and vast experimental data. Homeopathy is the only medicinal science where data has been collected by proving on human beings and not on animals. The homeopathic pharmacopoeia lists more than 3000 remedies, whose clinical efficiency has been proved in various clinical trials conducted all over the world.

Are Homeopaths qualified doctors?

Yes. There are more than 180 homeopathic medical colleges in India and about 1000 colleges all over the world recognized by their respective Governments. The Homeopathic degree courses offered / studied are unlike any other line of Medicine wherein thorough study of the human body, Homeopathic pharmacy, Medicine, Gynaecology, Materia Medica, Philosophy, Total patient management etc. In India the full course lasts for four and half years followed by internship for 1year, which includes practical training in hospitals. Even postgraduate courses are available in India.

Is it true that Homeopathic medicines are only placebos (sugar pills)? Does the Homeopath give the same white pills for all illnesses/patients?

No. The pills of Homeopathic medicines are made from sugar but they work only as vehicles. Actual liquid medicines are prepared from various natural medicinal substances, which is poured into the pills and dispensed as medications.No. Depending on the different ailments present in a patient, suitable different medicines are administered to a patient. There are about 3000 medicines and 10 variable potencies (powers of medicines) of each medicine so minimum 30,000 various permutation and combinations are utilized.

Does homeopathy take a long time to act and does one have to take medicines for a long time?

It is a myth that medicines act slowly. Its action is quick and the effect lasts much longer. Homeopathy cures the disease from its roots. With most of the other systems of medicine symptoms are at times suppressed while in Homeopathy they are cured for good. In fact if a patient seeks homoeopathic treatment at the onset of an ailment, he/she stands great chances of a really quick recovery.The duration of the treatment depends upon the nature of the disease and the fighting capacity of the patient's body. The treatment is required for a certain time period so as to improve the resistance of the body to fight diseases. Taking into consideration all these factors the treatment is continued for a certain time frame for the benefit of the patient. Once the patient starts improving we stop the medicines and the natural immunity and control mechanism of the body will take care of the rest of the problems.

Why detailed history?

Detailed history is very essential as homeopathy believes in treating the individual and not the disease. So the Homeopath needs to know the individual and not about his disease. Detailed history will reveal whether any past ailments suppressed has led to the present complaints. If patient co-operate and give honest and detailed history Homeopath can help patient achieve better and healthy life. Homeopath needs to understand the patient, their nature, complaints and disturbed mental and emotional state in order to reach to the core of the case.

Are there any food restrictions during the treatment?

Yes in general the patient is advised to avoid eating or drinking 20-30 minutes before or after taking homeopathic medication. One has to avoid coffee/tea, raw onion and raw garlic. Also avoid eating mint, camphor and menthol as these can hinder the action of the homeopathic medicine or antidote the effects of the medicine

Does one have to stop other medicines which the patient has been taking?

No. The patient should not stop the medicines which he has been taking. It should be tapered gradually once the patient is improving but this should be done in consultation with the treating physician. In some cases where the other medicine cannot be discontinued, both the medicines have to be continued for the benefit of the patient. The treatment should be planned and properly implemented.

Is it safe to take Homeopathic medicines during Pregnancy? Is homeopathic treatment effective for children, adults, woman and elderly?

Yes. It is always better to take homeopathic medicines from a qualified homeopathic doctor. If the treatment is planned in a proper way it will have lots of benefits to the mother and the child. The child will be much healthier and the medicines will help to fight the hereditary diseases which are carried from generation to generation. In fact if homeopathy is given during pregnancy, the delivery would be normal and easier. The child will be relatively healthier and emotionally well balanced, intellectually sound and physically stronger.Homeopathy has no bar for age and sex; it is equally effective for every human being in every stage of their life from birth till death.

Should one take homeopathic medicines only from a qualified doctor?

Yes, he should. There have been instances of miracle cures by lay people practicing homeopathy, but it is always advisable to go to a homeopathic physician, as he is qualified to judge the severity and depth of your illness and thereby prevent undue complications later on, which could be overlooked by a hobby practitioner due to his ignorance of scientific medical knowledge. Only a qualified physician can guide you towards a complete mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and pathological recovery.

Is cure possible with Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathy is curative. It treats the person as a whole and not his individual body parts. Homeopathy takes into account the expressions of an illness characteristic to the individual and a curative remedy chosen on this basis gives a gentle and permanent cure at the earliest.

Are there any side effects of homeopathic medicines?

No, there are no side effects of homeopathic medicines. Some times the symptoms may get aggravated for short period of time, but this is a good sign that the homeopathic medicine is right and has started acting. Sometimes you may get cold, skin rash or little discharge after taking homeopathic medicine that means the system is getting cleared. In the same way your old symptoms like constipation, warts or any skin rash may reappear, do not take any medicine to treat these reappearing old symptoms, as these old symptoms will go away in short period of time and you are healed completely and permanently.